ICWC has locations in three metropolitan areas of California to better serve underserved communities throughout the state. In 2004, ICWC opened its doors in Los Angeles. ICWC replicated its model, and launched its San Francisco office in 2010.  ICWC inaugurated its San Diego office in 2012, and its Las Vegas office in 2019.


Using U.S. federal legislation, ICWC provides immigration legal services (U and T Visas, VAWA, and SIJS) to immigrants who are victims of crimes. The resulting immigration benefits allow women to permanently leave their abusers and create safe environments for their families.  ICWC’s overall goal is to assist these victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, and other violent crimes in escaping abusive relationships, live in safety, and become self-sufficient.


ICWC’s Executive Director is founder, Suzanne McCormick Esq., and the Directing Attorney of ICWC San Francisco is Susan Bowyer, Esq.  Both provide expertise and knowledge in immigration legal services to women and children who are victims of violent crimes. Ms. McCormick and Ms. Bowyer head a team of national experts in this area of law.  In fifteen years of existence, ICWC’s legal service delivery model has proven to be very successful in the greater Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego areas. To date, ICWC has served more than 40,000 clients.