• U Visa Travel: Fingerprints, Visas (Nonimmigrant-U + Immigrant-929), Border Entries (CBP)

  • U Visa Certifiers: National List of Designated Certifiers for Form I-918 Supplement B

  • EOIR for Us in Removal: National List of Immigration Courts with procedures for Us on the waitlist and Approved U Nonimmigrants

  • Referrals to Service Providers: Advocates in the U.S. and Abroad

Join more than 1,000 advocates nationwide on the ICWC U Visa Zoho Database (formerly called Google Doc). The host for the database is called Zoho Creator. All members gain access to the entire database through the membership year (January 15th – January 15th). The beauty of this resource is that all members can simultaneously edit and view the information. Due to the collaborative nature, the information is only as accurate as its participating members make it.


The purpose of the U Visa Travel page is to facilitate all the complications of the U.S. consulates and embassies, as they evolve with their practices on (1) our clients petitioning for U Nonimmigrant status who need to get fingerprints for their biometrics abroad, (2) our clients with U Nonimmigrant status who need a U Nonimmigrant entry visa, (3) our clients attempting to obtain admission to the U.S. on U status through a border crossing with Customs and Border Protection, and (4) our clients with approved I-929 petitions who need to enter on an Immigrant visa. While you may already know how the process should work, each consulate and embassy continues to maintain its own policies and procedures.


The purpose of the U Visa Certifiers page is to pool our knowledge on not only who the certifying officers are and where to send the requests, but the most updated policies and practices, nationwide. We want this work to be efficient for us and not overwhelming for law enforcement. The goal is to update information on every state and federal agency, whether they do or don’t sign certifications.


The purpose of the EOIR for Us in Removal page is to share information on the policies and practices at the Immigration Courts nationwide, relating to U visa applicants in various stages: from filing the 918, to placement on the waitlist, to those with U Nonimmigrant status, to those filing for their adjustment of status. Immigration Judges are regularly granting motions to administratively close cases or even motions to terminate for those in the U visa process, but the when and how varies.  We want this work to be efficient for us and not overwhelming for law enforcement. The goal is to pool knowledge on procedure and filing tips at all the courts, as related to Us, so that our clients can resolve their removal issues more efficiently.


We are also keeping a list of Referrals to Service Providers for members to share details on intake procedures for cross-referring U visa cases. You will also have access to the contact information of all Members, for follow-up on members’ entries. Finally, members can share service providers abroad who may be able to assist clients while they are outside the U.S.

Please take our 30 minute virtual tour through the ICWC U Visa Zoho Database here.



The ICWC U Visa Zoho Database is open to advocates who are regularly assisting clients with U visa cases on a long-term basis. When you request to join, you will confirm your long-term position with your office or organization. ICWC recommends that short-term volunteers (e.g. one-semester law clerks, interns, or Pro Bono attorneys taking their first U visa case) either (a) create one email account for all short-term people at your location and a staff member request I add that account as a new member (e.g. or (b) provide your short-term people with a downloaded “Spreadsheet” excel version of the relevant pages from the ICWC U Visa Zoho Database. Then the staff member can provide any necessary updates to the database on the intern/volunteer’s behalf.



In exchange for access to view and edit the ICWC U Visa Zoho Database, all members agree to the following:

  1. Use the database as a Non-Profit or Pro-Bono member only if you are primarily working on U visa cases through a Non-Profit (at free or low-fee rates) or as a pro-bono (free rate). The Non-Profit organization must be a registered 501(c)(3), which will include most law school clinics. If you are using this resource to primarily serve U visa clients through a for-profit, private practice setting, you will select your membership type as a Private Practice member.

  2. Use the information from the database only for yourself and your colleagues or pro bono attorneys working directly with your office on your U visa cases.

  3. Do NOT share the downloaded version or your username/password for the database with those not listed in item 2, above.

  4. Notify the administrator if you make or notice errors that you are unable to correct yourself.

  5. Do not ask the administrator to add/edit content to the database. Due to the collaborative nature, the information is only as accurate as its participating members make it.

  6. Allow the administrator up to 7-10 days to respond to either your request for membership or technical assistance.


For those who wish to join, from your work email account email the administrator, Julia Borrelli in ICWC’s San Francisco office at If you do not have a domain name in your email address that is the same as the office where you work, include proof of your employment there like a link to your information on the office webpage or attach a letter signed by your supervisor. Include in your email the following:

  1. Member’s name*

  2. Member’s email*

  3. Name of member’s organization, firm, solo practice, or law school clinic*

  4. Member’s Position at the office or organization given above*

  5. City and State where the member works on U visas*

*Include your email signature  in your email where possible, which will usually have most (if not all) of the information requested above in 1-5.

  1. Membership type: Non-Profit, Pro-Bono, or Private Practice

*For Private Practice Members: Make Payment Before Requesting Database Access

*Free to Non-Profit and Pro-Bono members

  • The fee for private practice membership is a tax deductible $150 per year, starting January 15th each year. You may pay by credit card, check, or money order. The fee is prorated if you join later in the year: $100 from May 15th – September 14th , $50 from September 15th – on.

  • For credit card payments, click the “Donate Now” button on the top right of the screen. In the “Designation” box, write: ICWC U Visa Zoho Database. Then email the information requested above with the date of your online payment.

  • Write out check or money order payments to ICWC, and send by mail with the information requested above to the following address: Immigration Center for Women and Children, Attn: Julia Borrelli, 3543 18th St. #32, San Francisco, CA 94110.

  • This private practice fee helps support the monthly fee paid to Zoho Creator for hosting the database and the administrative cost for ICWC staff. In addition to adding new members and removing old members, ICWC moderates the database, provides assistance to users unfamiliar with the software, monitors glitches and typos, provides outreach to potential contributors and members, and regularly maintains archives in the case of major glitches and typos over time. ICWC’s administration of this resource is only supported by the generous contributions of private practice members.


The ICWC U Visa Zoho Database is hosted on a site called Zoho. If you don’t already have a Zoho account set up under your work email, Zoho will help you set up a new account to get you going.


As soon as your membership request to the ICWC U Travel & Certifier Database has been approved, Zoho will send you an email with a personalized link to the shared documents. [If you do not receive an email, check your junkmail folder and please wait 10 days you’re your request before contacting the administrator.] Click on the invitation link to begin. If you don’t already have a Zoho account, Zoho will now give you a chance to create a password to go with your email address.

Once you log in to Zoho, please bookmark the ICWC U Visa Zoho Database for future log-ins. Or you can reach the database this way:

As introduced above, you will edit the ICWC U Visa Zoho Database as often as you have new information, by doing the following: (a) selecting a cell you would like to update, (b) selecting Edit from the drop-down seletions, (c) entering the information, and if the cell is more like a comment than simple information like names of certifiers or a new fax number, then you’ll also be (d) adding your name and the date in parenthesis at the end. For comment boxes, put the most current information at the top of the box and keep older, historical comments at the bottom of the box (i.e. reverse chronological order).


To view an entire entry, you still need to select Edit. The View Record button is only a summary view of the entry.


You may create new entries for certain items by clicking the Add button. For example, you may need to add previously unlisted U visa certifying agencies or add your organization or firm to the list of referrals that members can access.


Please do not ask the administrator to add or edit data, unless there is a technical glitch that prevents you from adding or editing yourself. The adding and editing is the role of the 1,000 members involved. Due to the collaborative nature, the information is only as accurate as its participating members make it.


Your name and membership information will be made public for collaboration with other members. Only the administrator can edit this section. If your membership information is incorrect or changes, please contact the administrator as soon as possible.



Training and Instructions for U Visa Travel from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center

  1. Purchase and refer to the chapter and appendices on U travel in ILRC’s “The U Visa: Obtaining Status for Immigrant Victims of Crime,” 5th Edition,; and

  2. Watch the 90 minute ILRC webinars:

  • U Visa Hot Topics – Recorded Date: 06/02/2016: Join the authors of ILRC’s U Visa Manual for a 90-minute webinar with the latest practice tips and process updates on assisting clients with U nonimmigrant status, U adjustment and U visa travel cases.

  • U Visa Adjustment and Travel – Recorded Date: 10/07/2015: Join co-authors of The U Visa, Jessica Farb, Sally Kinoshita, and Catherine Seitz, for the latest information on U nonimmigrant adjustment of status, petitioning family members of U nonimmigrants through the I-929 petition process, travel and consular processing, and parole options.

Technical Assistance on Legal Issues

ICWC is not financially supported by any grant to provide technical assistance or training. For that reason, our sliding scale client fees go almost exclusively to providing high quality direct legal services to immigrant crime victims, with no waitlist. As a result, ICWC unfortunately does not have the resources to regularly provide free technical assistance to attorneys. As often as we can, we do respond to unanswered technical assistance questions on the local and national VAWA listserves, including VAWA experts, run by ASISTA, as well as through the national AILA VAWA liaison committee. ICWC recommends you seek technical assistance from the publication and liaison resources provided already by ASISTA, AILA, or the ILRC!

Thanks in advance for your collaboration on this project!